Tried and tested techniques to choose the best material handling equipment provider?

Extensive market research is pivotal to find the best material handling equipment provider. Usually, people want to make spontaneous decisions due to the nature of the situation. All you need to do is to make right decision the first time, so that you are saved from any later trouble. The following sections would help you in making a wise decision in choosing the best material handling equipment provider.

Warehouse Installation

Don’t get carried away with marketing gimmicks of the companies

If you search online, then your screen would get flooded with countless results, claiming to be the best in business. There are plenty of good equipment companies, having both the fresh and pre-used equipment to choose from. For your comfort, you would unanimously choose a large distributor as they provide you with one-window operation serving everything from design, product, project management and finally the installation.

However, a deep industry research suggests that such companies usually outsource their services, thus compromising quality. Miscommunication is a norm for such companies, which eventually deviates the layout design and the installation far away from the requested requirements.

There is immense potential for the distributors in the market and the excessive work may compromise on quality. Large distributors are often over-occupied with multiple projects at a time. This obviously leads to a number of issues encountered that exponentially increases, when the projects are housed in other regions.

You will find a few companies with late delivery or incorrect supply, while others fail due to over-reliance on their subcontractors. Unless the subcontractor is hired specifically for one job, you may find your project in complete chaos. Moreover, you will struggle to find the accountable stakeholder due to several parties involved.  

The suggestive solution is to hire a company that excels in quality of service and excellently handles in-house services for installation or ongoing maintenance projects. A few good indicators for selecting a company could be their past projects, current repute, quality of installation service and the customer service reviews.

Size of company is a secondary matter for shelving, pallet racking, mezzanines and several other types of standard fixtures. The smaller companies excel in this regard by offering you a personalized experience in service and for nay ongoing maintenance. Any company that value relationship with their clients would always provide you the same quality on their repeated visits. Punctuality and ensuring maximum productivity is always their unique selling point.

How about a distributor offering 2nd hand products?

Cost-effective solution is something that every small to large scale companies strives for. The 2nd hand products might not be your first choice, but sometimes, the used equipment, such as, pallet racking or shelving brings in a huge opportunity. The distributors offering 2nd hand stuff are usually value based and helps you save a fortune on the overall cost of the project. Their layout design and the installation services are typically low priced as compared with the frontline manufacturers offering newer products. If you are lucky enough to get into the right relationship with the manufacturer, then the personalized service would be icing on the cake for you.

Importance of finding a professional sales representative:

A sales rep is your first point of contact when dealing with the contractor and your one-on-one relationship matters the most here. They might try to trick you with their marketing gimmicks and this demands you to ask questions with your own due diligence. It will be your pivotal decision if you like the sales rep that you interact with or not, and also if you can trust him or not.

Trust is a thing that comes with time. The major consideration in this regard is your own prior experience with the rep and how many successful projects they have already completed. It is understandable that every sales rep needs to start from somewhere. However, they need to prove their worth, if they are claiming to be knowledgeable in the business and using your money for your project.

In order to judge a sales rep for their expertise and worth, you should ask the following questions:

  • How would you layout my warehouse?
  • How long the project would take to complete?
  • Can you show me portfolio of your past projects?
  • What alternative storage systems would work for me?
  • Does your business have any online presence?

If they answer everything positively, then they might not be completely honest with you. The largescale warehouse projects normally take longer time than expected. It is because of many external factors, such as, product lead time, labor availability, shipping and your ongoing operations.

A good reference can make the job a lot easier:

Look around and you will find several people in your neighborhood or in your professional circle, who have already went through such projects. You just need to spread the word in your network of people to get the required information. If you find the right person with experience of one or more such projects, then ask them the following question:

  • Which provider you think has the best customer service and installation process?
  • Does the company have professional sales reps to look after your problems?
  • Does their installers show punctuality and work throughout the day?
  • What was the turnaround time on the estimates and deliverables?
  • Did you face any trouble with the product orders?
  • Does their installers facilitated with state-of-the-art facilities relating to safety and cleanliness?


You are willing to spend a good chunk of money so you deserve to have an accountable and well-reputed service provider. It is understandable that mistakes does happen on projects of such magnitude and requires a little bit of re-work or slight deviation from the estimated budget. But, this doesn’t mean that you need to stick with an ill-reputed company, who is unreliable as well. A well-reputed company would always ensure that all the needs and requirements of clients are met to the best of their abilities.

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